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Most Common Home Selling Mistakes

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2014 | Firm News |

Your property is a very valuable asset and when it comes to selling it, you definitely want to get a fair deal. This process requires your full attention and there are a few things you should definitely avoid for a successful sale. For this reason, Home Key Title Closing in Westborough would like to tell you about some of the most common home selling mistakes.

Working Alone?

Sure, you can sell your property by yourself, however you may not sell it fast or get the price you want. The real estate market is a competitive place and it’s possible that you don’t know a few tricks that can save you a lot of stress. Remember to hire a real estate agent you trust, since you will be working closely together.


We are sure your property has a sentimental value, but you shouldn’t be blinded by it. The price of your home should be calculated based on many things. Ask your real estate agent to run a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) to get a more accurate price.


Most buyers will bring a certified inspector to find any potential problems in your property. Be a step ahead of them and get your home inspected, that way you can find any damages.


Keep in mind that you should depersonalize from your property during the selling process and this includes getting rid of lingering odors. Pay special attention to your kitchen and bathroom and avoid using scented candles of air fresheners, since they will only mask the lingering smells.

Selling your property isn’t as easy as you probably think and it’s important that you have the right people by your side to avoid any unfortunate situation. If you are looking for title insurance in Westborough, think about Home Key Title Closing, where our experts are ready to provide you with the advice you need during this process.

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