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Final Walk-Through

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The home buying process is extremely demanding and you have to pay attention to every single detail, otherwise you may come across obstacles and setbacks that can ruin your effort. An often neglected detail is skipping the final walk-through, however this step is very important, as sometimes the unexpected happens. For this reason at Home Key Title Closing in Westborough, we prepared the following post containing useful information on this topic.

What is It?

Like we mentioned before, unexpected things can happen and the condition of your future home may change swiftly. Severe weather or accidents can damage the property and you have to check its condition before the closing. Keep in mind that a thorough inspection should have been already carried out by a professional.


This step can take a place a few days or even hours before the closing and you should ask your realtor to arrange it. Schedule the final walk-through when there’s daylight, this way you will be able to examine every feature of the home. You should confirm that the seller performed any upgrades and repair you agreed on. Also, check that the appliances work correctly, open doors and windows, flush all the toilets and turn on every light fixture, and remember bringing copies of the contract and the home inspection report.


It’s important that your report any damage to your real estate agent. If the issue is very difficult or expensive to repair, you should arrange with the seller a solution. Remember that you invested time and money in this transaction, however an extensive damage can be a cause to walk away from the deal.

This step may seem unimportant, as many buyers can’t wait to move into their new home and write a new chapter of their lives. However, this simple inspection doesn’t take long and can save you from many troubles. Also, be sure to read our guide on the most common home buying mistakes.

At Home Key Title Closing, we are aware of the importance of this transaction, that’s why we are glad to provide you with the legal assistance and advice you need for a successful closing. Think about us next time you are looking for title insurance in Westborough. Call 508-475-5502 to learn more about our services.