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Importance of a Home Inspection

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2015 | Firm News |

If you’re in the process of purchasing a new property, then you’re well aware of all of the requirements, questions, and regulations that need to be followed in order to do so. It can be quite stressful to ensure that you’re getting the home you want, and one that will be safe and functional for your family. A great way to get some extra help in this process is by getting a third party home inspection on the property you are interested in. Depending on the state the home is being sold in, the home seller may be required to provide one for you. However, if that is not the case, you will do well to request one on your own. The home inspection will clear up many questions concerning the property and make you aware of any issues that should be fixed prior to committing to purchasing it. Home Key Title Closing in Westborough would like to help you today by providing you with a few of the most important aspects of a home you will become aware of, due to a home inspection.

You can expect that the professional home inspector will be looking at the following areas of the property:

  • foundation-checking for any cracks, loose areas, or water damage
  • roof-ensuring that there are no leaks or soft areas which have been damaged by water or pests
  • sewage/septic system-checking that all is in working order and that there are no foreseeable damages
  • air and heating systems-to ensure they are working properly, installed well, and clean

After having completed the inspection both the homeowner and you should get a copy of the detailed report with notes on recommendations for revision of the property. If you see something in the inspection you were not expecting, some damage perhaps that will be expensive to fix, then you and the homeowner will need to sit down and decide what the next steps are:

  • You may very well say that you are now uncomfortable with purchasing the property and you’d like to back out of the deal-if it is due to something revealed in the inspection, this should not be a problem
  • The homeowner could agree to fix the problems prior to closing
  • Or, the homeowner could discount the asking price of the home in order for you to be more free to make the repairs
  • Lastly, the homeowner could not agree to make any changes and you can again, back out of the deal

Once you’ve found a home that passes the inspection and fits your other requirements, and you’re sure you’ve not committed any of these home buying mistakes, it may be time to make an offer. Before doing that, ensure that you’ve gotten a title search on the home and that it can be provided with title insurance. Fortitle insurance in Westborough, be sure to contact us at Home Key Title Closing at 508-475-5502.