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Expensive Home Repairs

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Having a thorough home inspection conducted by a professional is one of the key features during the home buying process. There are certain damages that you should look out for, as fixing them will represent an extra expense. That’s why at Home Key Title Closing in Westborough, we created the following post containing some of the most expensive home repairs.

Check The Electric Installation

The electric installation may be difficult to inspect, as it’s in unreachable places and electricity can also represent a threat. However, there are a few red flags you shouldn’t neglect and flickering lights and charred or buzzing outlets can be signs of faulty wiring. This detail is particularly important in old houses as wiring over 40 years old can represent a hazard.

Foundation Problems

A damaged foundation will not only cost several thousands of dollars to repair but it can also threaten the residents. Jammed door and windows, cracks on the exterior or bulging floors can be sign of foundation problems. Also, look for trees close to the foundation, as their roots can damage the home structure.

Inspect the HVAC Unit

This appliance requires regular care and maintenance. Unfortunately many home sellers neglect it and repairing or replacing it can also skyrocket your budget. Remember that the HVAC unit can also cause water damage in the property, so keep an eye on this system.
Keep in mind that finding damages in these areas doesn’t mean that you will have to walk away from the deal, however you should negotiate with the seller to either restore them or lower the home price. Remember that skipping the home inspection is one of the most recurrent home buying mistakes, so don’t forget to read our guide on this topic.

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