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How to Stage Your Home

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We can’t overstate the fact that you have to perform some improvements to sell your home on your own terms, and you would be surprise to find out how small changes can make a big difference, especially in your home interior. For this reason at Home Key Title in in Westborough, we would like to share useful advice on staging your home.

Home Staging Tips

Deodorize Your Home

Removing lingering odors in your household can be very easily neglected, as you are probably used to them, however the potential buyers won’t be. Make sure to clean your home thoroughly, pinpoint any sources and remove them before spraying air fresheners.


It’s no secret that your clutter will make your home seem untidy and cramped. Remember that you should also remove those objects that contain your personal traits, such as religious items, family photos or diplomas, this way you will create a neutral space

Attention to Detail

Small details can definitely improve the appearance of you home interior. Make sure to open the curtains and turn on all the light fixtures of every room to allow buyers fully appreciate your home. Adding a fresh coat of paint is also a good idea, just remember to choose neutral colors. Potential buyers are looking for a new place that fulfills their aspirations and these simple ideas can help you create a perfect and warmth setting. Also, first impressions are crucial in the real estate market, so be sure to read our guide to boost your curb appeal.

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