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Three Basic Title Insurance Terms to Know

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3 Title Insurance Terms Used When Buying a Home.

If you have read our previous posts on home buying mistakes you might already be familiar with some of the errors that can be made when buying a home. Another big mistake can be to not understand and not search some of the terms that are used in the home buying process. Understanding real estate terms can add stress to the process of buying a home, but relax, here at Home Key Title in in Westborough we want to explain three basic real estate terms you will encounter often.  The following are three very commonly used terms that you will encounter when buying a home: Listings: This is a term that is used to refers to the homes for sale. A listing provides information on the home such as the price, the number of bedrooms, bathrooms etc. Contingencies: There are several types of contingencies such as inspection contingency and appraisal contingencies but what they refer to is the conditions that you can place (within certain guidelines) when you make an offer and these must be met before going through with the deal. Title Insurers: Title insurers give you the peace of mind by searching public records to provide you with the documents that prove that the home seller had title rights to the property and that there is no money owed such as property taxes.

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