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Home Staging Using the 5 Senses in Westborough

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How to Stage Your Home Using the 5 Senses in Westborough

As you prepare to sell your home, don’t underestimate the importance of home staging.  Home Key Title in Westborough has some tips to help you set the scene using all five of your senses.

Make Your Home Smell Great

A great smelling home will beat out a weird smelling home the majority of the time. Take care of unpleasant lingering smells before a showing and give your home that extra edge. One area of the home that is often responsible for unpleasant smells is the kitchen. Take out the trash daily and wash dishes as soon as possible in order to avoid lingering scents. Clean out your kitchen drains and garbage disposal to remove any leftover food smells. If you have carpeting in your home, get it professionally cleaned before showing your house. Older carpets can become a source of smell because of the dirt and other items they may be hiding. A carpet cleaning will not only make your carpet smell great, it will also make look and feel like new. To help your home smell even better, consider adding fresh flowers around your house. You can also light a candle or use a fresh smelling spray, just be sure they’re subtle scents.

Give Your Home Visual Appeal

Once potential home buyers have breathed in the great scents in your home, give them something beautiful to look at. To make your home appealing, get it as clean as possible. Potential buyers will appreciate a clean space over a dirty one any day. Dust everything, from countertops to drapes. Clean the walls in each room to remove scuff marks, and, if necessary, consider repainting the walls. Wash all the windows and window screens inside and out for a great clean finish. Don’t forget to sweep and mop, especially during the winter months when rain and snow can often make a mess inside. After cleaning, you will need to create cozy spaces in your home. Start by removing extra items that may cause your home to look cluttered. You can store excess furniture and personal items in a storage space in the meantime. Keep countertops free of clutter to create a clean and organized look. Don’t forget to use amenities to your advantage. For example, if it’s raining, why not show off the fireplace? If you’re getting ready to sell your home, don’t forget to buy title insurance and ensure your sale is valid. Home Key Title in Westborough can help get to know title insurance rates in Westborough that fit your needs. Contact us at (508) 475- 5502 for more information!

Listen for Issues Around Your Home

While listening to your house sounds like a crazy way to figure out where it needs help, it can actually be quite effective. Keep an ear out for strange sounds that can point to issues that need to be fixed. For example, listen for leaky faucets, pipes and toilets that need repairs. Other sounds, such a creaky doors and rattling windows will most likely get the attention of potential buyers when they’re in your house. Another thing to consider is the time of day you choose to show your home. Are the neighbors quite noisy at a certain time or does traffic get heavy in front of your home during rush hour? Avoid showing your home during those hours and consider playing some soft, comforting music while potential buyers are in your home.

Make it Feel Like Home

As potential buyers walk into your home, they should feel welcome and comfortable. While it’s important that they feel that psychologically, they should also feel physically comfortable. If temperatures are low, welcome buyers into a warm and cozy home. Turn the lights on in every room and let some natural light in. Dark spaces will make aspects of the home harder to see and make buyers feel uncomfortable making the purchase. Be sure to set the scene in your home with cozy accessories that potential buyers can see themselves enjoying.

Offer a Taste to Remember

Taste may be one of the easiest senses to appeal to. You don’t have to pull out a fancy meal or expensive drinks to get the attention of potential buyers. Anything from a bowl of candy to fresh baked cookies will help potential buyers remember your property better. Do try to stick to seasonally friendly snacks that will make a great impression on your guests. Consider serving hot chocolate or fresh brewed coffee during the cold winter months. Serving refreshing drinks during the hot summer months will definitely help your home get noticed by potential buyers.

Title Insurance in Westborough

Whether you’re buying or selling a home this winter, Home Key Title in Westborough can help you understand the importance of title insurance in Westborough. To buy title insurance in Westboroughcontact us at (508) 475- 5502 and make sure your investment is properly protected!