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Stage Your Home to Sell This Summer in Westborough

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How to Effectively Stage Your Home for the Summer Season

If you’re hoping to sell your home this summer, staging it properly for the season can help you sell it in no time. While some may confuse staging with decorating, there’s a bit more to it than that. The goal with staging is to make things look nice and also make potential buyers feel comfortable in what could be there new home. To make your home more attractive to potential buyers this season, follow these simple tips from Home Key Title in Westborough.

Make Your Home Approachable

To make a buyers visit to your home less stressful, make sure your home is easy to find and approachable. Start be ensuring your house’s numbers are large enough to spot and easy to read. Investing in new numbers is also great way to update your home with a simple touch. To make your home approachable, focus on the details. Placing a cute welcome mat at your front door and staging a nice sitting area on your porch will help your visitors feel more welcome and at home.

Make Your Green Areas Shine

The summer heat and sunshine are ideal for showing off your home’s green areas. Pay extra attention to your lawn and gardens this season and keep them in the best shape possible. Figure out a watering schedule that will help keep your lawn green and your water bill reasonable. Keep your lawn neat and trim, but don’t trim it too short. Bright flower gardens will give your home a great seasonal touch that will be hard to miss. If you don’t have space for lush flower beds consider placing potted plants in outdoor spaces. Hanging planters on a porch or window boxes in your windows are great ways to display plants that aren’t too common, but are very attractive.

Focus on Outdoor Areas

As you focus on the green areas in your home, don’t forget to also stage your outdoor living areas. If you have a swimming pool, keep it clean and ready for use. Play up outdoor areas that get a lot of use during the summer, like the deck, the porch, and the outdoor kitchen. Stage these areas with clean outdoor furniture and accessories. For example, place comfortable cushions on your outdoor furniture, drinks in a cooler, and some fun reading material to enjoy while outdoors. Before you sign the last of your paperwork on a new home, be sure to buy title insurance in WestboroughHome Key Title can help you find the best title insurance rates around. Contact us at (508) 475- 5502 for more help navigating the real estate world!

Embrace the Season

Once your outdoor areas are ready to welcome potential buyers, focus your attention on the interiors. Basic staging calls for decluttering and cleaning, which are essential and should be taken care of. Avoid having dirty dishes in the sink and remember to make beds and tidy up rooms. To add more appeal, add some touches that reflect the summer season. Splashes of color can be added to any room through small details. For example, a bright throw folded over a couch in the living room or seasonal fresh flowers placed in the dining room can help attract a buyers attention. Subtle summer scents can also be accomplished by burning a candle or with fresh flowers.

Keep Your Home and Potential Buyers Cool

A great way to make potential buyers feel comfortable in your home is by keeping things cool indoors. Summer temperatures can reach extreme highs that make being stuck indoors a bit uncomfortable. Prepare to welcome buyers into your home by turning on your air conditioning before they’re due to arrive, just make sure it’s not too cold. You can also offer your guests snacks and drinks that will help them cool down. Have some cold water ready or some refreshing lemonade along with some fresh fruit.

Let In Some Natural Light

If you’re showing your home during daylight hours, why not let some natural light in? To do so, first make sure your windows are properly clean and shiny. Wash them from the inside and outside for the best results. Remove the screen to wash the windows and also give the screen a mild scrub down. Once your windows are clean, don’t be afraid to open the blinds and let the sunshine in. To avoid letting in to much heat through the windows, avoid opening the blinds on windows that are west and south facing.

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