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Are the Amenities Worth the Price?

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Should You Pay More for Amenities?

If you’re in the market for a new home, looking at potential homes can be a fun process, especially when they include luxury amenities. While some amenities will prove to be worth their price tag, there are some you should take the time to consider before splurging on them. Consider these tips from Home Key Title when deciding what amenities are worth your money.

How Often Will You Use the Kitchen?

A chef’s kitchen or luxurious kitchen features the most up to date appliances, tons of perks, and takes up a decent amount of space. While this is a highly desirable feature for most potential home buyers, the truth is you probably don’t need everything it offers unless you’re a chef. Most of these types of kitchens include a high-end stove as the centerpiece, which can cost more than double the price of a normal stove or range, and that’s just the stove. In the end, all the pricey features that make up a luxury kitchen can add up even though you most likely won’t use them often, if ever. You’re better off investing in a home with a nice, roomy kitchen that meets your needs without going overboard.

Luxury Tubs and Showers

A luxury tub with massaging jets can be a very convincing feature in a home. Sure, it’s easy to picture yourself relaxing in your tub while the jets do their work, but how often will you actually do that? Most homeowners who have a luxury tub admit they don’t use it as often as they thought they would. Another issue with these types of tubs is that the jets grow bacteria very easily and require frequent maintenance to keep them clean. The jets are also prone to clogs that will require even more maintenance and care. Not only are you paying more to have this luxury, you can end up paying even more than you imagined just to maintain it. You’re better off with a normal tub and shower, but if it’s luxury you’re after, remember that these features can be upgraded to provide more style and comfort.

Work Out at Home

A home gym is a great add-on that will leave you with no excuses for putting off working out and getting in shape any longer. Most people think that the convenience of having a gym in their home will help them get in shape and healthier because it’s so accessible. However, the reality is much different. People who invest in a home gym typically have a harder time motivating themselves to work out because of the lack of a social scene. Without a trainer helping you develop a gym regimen and without the busy gym scene, your home gym probably won’t see much use. Instead of investing in a home with a built-in gym consider purchasing a gym membership that will be much more worth the price. Before you sign the closing paperwork on your dream home, be sure to buy title insurance. Home Key Title can help you understand the importance of a title insurance policy when making such a large investment. To find out more, contact Home Key Title at (508) 475- 5502.

Luxury Walk-In Closet

If fashion is your thing, investing in a walk-in closet is a no brainer. However, a luxury walk-in closet implies much more than just a large space with added storage for your clothes, shoes, and accessories. The luxury tag will most likely mean your closet also includes a sitting area that makes it much more like a lounge than a closet.  These closets seem to be much more common now, but who really needs that much closet space? Instead of splurging on a closet, look for a reasonably sized walk-in closet and extra lounging space in other areas of the home.

Outdoor Hot Tub

Just like a tub with massaging jets, an outdoor hot tub is not likely to get much use. You may be drawn in by the possibility of relaxing in a hot tub in the comfort of your property, but be honest when considering how often you will use it. Keep in mind that like a swimming pool hot tubs also require a great amount of maintenance and upkeep that can add up over time. Your maintenance investments and the amount of use your hot tub gets may prove not to be worth having this luxury in your home.

Invest in Title Insurance

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