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Sell Your Home Fast This Fall With These Curb Appeal Tips in Westborough

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Fall Curb Appeal Tips to Help Sell Your Home This Fall

To help you sell your home fast this fall, follow these curb appeal tips from Home Key Title.

Boost Your Home’s Fall Curb Appeal

Your home’s curb appeal refers to the exterior appeal of the property you’re selling. While most home sellers focus the majority of their attention and efforts on the interior of the house, your home’s exterior is what makes the first impression. Be sure your home catches the attention of potential buyers in a positive way when they stop by to see your home.

Take Care of the Lawn

A simple and inexpensive way to impress potential buyers is by taking proper care of your lawn. A lush, green lawn will make your home look more tidy and well kept, something most buyers will appreciate. Although temperatures are dropping, taking care of your lawn should still be a priority. Continue mowing your lawn and watering it regularly during the fall. If you start to notice brown spots or balding areas, do your best to patch these up before a visit. Don’t forget to also rake up the fall foliage. Although the colors may be pretty, leaves all over your lawn can also start to look messy, not to mention they can cause issues for your grass later on.

Add Some Fresh Flowers

Since the outdoors are no longer bright and sunny, chances are your spring and summer flower garden is starting to come to its end. Instead of giving up on your flower garden, invest in seasonal flowers that will help brighten up your home’s exterior. You can find fall flowers and plants that will give your home a more cheery exterior at your local home and garden store or at your local nursery. Ask an associate for help picking the flowers that will last through the fall and early winter. If you don’t have space for a flower garden, window boxes or potted plants are also a great way to spruce up your exterior.

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Take Care of Exterior Maintenance

Your home’s facade tends to be more exposed during the fall and winter months because trees start losing their leaves and become bare. Since your home’s exterior is left more visible, it’s important that you take care of exterior seasonal maintenance. Start by power washing your home’s siding and windows. Washing the windows will help give your home an extra shine while cleaning your home’s siding will help make things look more tidy. After washing the siding, carefully inspect it and the paint for damage. Fix chipped paint and consider retouching areas that look a bit faded. Don’t forget to also power wash walkways and the driveway, looking out for cracks that need to be filled. Lastly, clear out debris from your gutters and replace any missing shingles on the roof.

Light up Your Home’s Exterior

Since fall days tend to be shorter, you may have more home showings after dark. Use this to your advantage by playing up your exterior lighting scheme. If your light bulbs and light fixtures are a bit old, consider replacing them with newer and brighter ones. A great way to make potential buyers feel safe and welcome is by installing lights around walkways or dark areas in the yard. Check out solar powered lights that are not only nice to look at but also cost friendly.

Keep Decorations Simple

Fall tends to be a popular season with home owners because of the decorating possibilities it presents. The fall is the start of the holiday period and includes fun holidays like Thanksgiving and Halloween. If you’re a fan of decorating your home, don’t feel like you have to stop just because you’re selling it. There are, however, some things you should consider. Avoid going over the top with decorations that can make your home look untidy or messy. It’s also important that you don’t cover important aspects of your home, such as the facade, since this is what home buyers will want to have a clear view of. Instead, keep things simple and minimalistic. Instead of having bales of hay in the yard and full on pumping patch, stick to a couple pumpkins around the entryway and a seasonal wreath on the door.

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