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How to Add Value to Your Home

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Repairs That Can Increase a Home’s Value

If you’re planning on taking on some home repairs before finally putting your home on the market, read this post to find out which home repairs will yield the biggest returns.

Landscaping and Green Areas

Often, the most overlooked aspects when selling a home include the green areas or outdoor spaces. It is quite important that you do focus some attention on making these spaces stand out for positive reasons. Upping your curb appeal and ensuring that your home makes a great first impression on potential buyers are just some of the benefits that landscaping work can have. Start by focusing on the trees in your yard. Large and overgrown trees should be trimmed and maintained so that they enhance your home instead of hiding it. Overgrown trees aren’t just unsightly; they can also cause interiors to be darker and can even attract mold. Other projects to consider include ensuring your lawn is healthy, adding color to a garden, and adding details like a nice walkway.

Focus on Flooring

Although flooring may not stand out too much when it is well maintained, it can increase the value of your home. You don’t have to replace your home’s entire flooring, but do take the proper steps to ensure it catches potential buyers’ attention for good reasons. If your home’s flooring is relatively new, don’t replace it and instead give it a good polish, replace broken or stained parts, and take care of any squeaky or loose pieces. If you have wall to wall carpeting, invest in getting it professionally cleaned. You may be surprised by how much of a difference a professional carpet cleaning can have on your home’s overall appearance.

Open up Space

In today’s market, open floor plans that allow for an easier flow of traffic are quite popular with buyers. Although you may think you can’t change your home’s floor plan, there are small things you can do to open it up. If your budget allows for it, knocking down non-structural walls can really help open things up. These walls aren’t too hard to get rid of because they are hollow and aren’t needed for structural purposes. If your kitchen has an island, consider replacing it with a moveable one that allows the homeowner to play around with the floor plan. As you stage your home, remove bulky or large furniture that can also get in the way inside the home. Doing all of this can add value to your home and even make it look more spacious than before. Don’t sell your home before investing in a title insurance policy. To learn about the benefits of a title insurance policy in Westborough, contact Home Key Title at (508) 475- 5502. Their agents can help you understand why title insurance is so important in today’s market.

Spruce up the Bathrooms

When it comes to home renovations, bathroom upgrades and additions are known to yield the biggest returns. If your budget permits it, consider remodeling your bathroom and turn it into a more modern and spacious part of your home. If you’re on a smaller budget, don’t underestimate what simple upgrades can achieve. Replacing old hardware, like the faucet, shower head, light fixtures, cabinet handles, and door handle can all make your bathroom look much more modern. Bigger and slightly more costly upgrades that you can do yourself include replacing the toilet or the sink and installing a more modern mirror and medicine cabinet. Finally, remember that keeping things clean and tidy can go a long way. Re-caulk areas where caulk is looking worn and give your whole bathroom a deep cleaning before potential buyers show up. It’s been noted that if a potential buyer feels comfortable stepping into the bathroom during a home visit, they truly feel comfortable in the home, so it doesn’t hurt to invest a bit more in this tiny area.

Stick to the Basics

Before you start trying to tackle any large and expensive home projects, be sure the basics in your home are at their best. Take some time to review, maintain, and fix the systems in your home that need it. Although your sewer line, foundation, and the roof may not be aesthetically important when selling a home, their condition is imperative. These types of repairs can get very expensive and, if not dealt with in time, can cause potential buyers to pass on your home. Don’t wait until the home inspection to find out that your home’s structure is in need of major repairs, and instead take the time to check on it now.

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