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How to Host a Great Open House

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Hosting an open house is a great way to sell your home. If you’ve decided it’s the right option for you, use these tips to host the best open house in town.

Things to Consider When Hosting an Open House

Selling your home can prove to be time consuming, especially if you’re doing  it on your own without any professional help. If your schedule is already quite packed, hosting an open house is a great way to see a number of potential clients at once without having to set up home showings during the work week. To ensure your open house is a success, use these tips to prepare.

Prepare the Facts

Potential buyers who show up to your open house may already have an idea of what they can expect, but this doesn’t mean they know everything. To help them understand the basics, prepare a property description sheet that you can hand out as guests arrive. These are usually handed out by real estate agents at open houses so that potential buyers are more informed. Some of the items that should be included on your description sheet are: the address, the asking price, photos of the property, a brief description of the property, square footage, number of bathrooms, number of bedrooms, outdoor spaces, included appliances, special features, neighborhood information (schools, shopping areas, public transportation, etc), and your contact information. Have copies of this ready to hand out the day of your open house, and remember that you can also use this information when listing your home online.

Advertise Your Open House

In order to ensure that potential buyers will show up at your open house you will need to advertise it. For the best results, use a number of advertising options. To start, spread the word among your friends, family, and acquaintances just in case they know someone who might be interested. Next, use your social networks to advertise your home as well as your open house. In a more traditional approach, post flyers around town, on community bulletin boards, and in your own yard. A large sign that advertises the day and time of your open house can catch the attention of passersby. Do your best to include clear and attractive images of your home no matter what way you choose to advertise your open house.

Prepare Your Home

Before potential buyers arrive be sure your home is ready to be seen. This may mean deep cleaning and decluttering your home at least one day before the open house. Your home should be spotless and clutter free so that buyers will be impressed. If you need to, look online or in magazines for staging ideas. Don’t forget to have the dishes washed, the trash taken out, and the beds made. It also helps to remove personal items, such as trophies and family photos, so that potential buyers have an easier time picturing themselves living in the home.

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Focus on the Details

Now that your home is looking spotless, take some time to consider the details. To start, if you have pets in your home, look for a petsitter who can take care of your furry friends the day of the open house. Some buyers may be allergic or not fond of pets, so it’s best to keep them outside of the home. If your home has special features, like a swimming pool or fireplace, be sure these are at their best. Stage them as if they were in use in order to ensure they wow potential buyers. Finally, don’t forget to spend some time on your curb appeal. For example, if it’s been a bit snowy, be sure to clear the walkways before guests arrive.

Interact With Guests

As your guests start to arrive, greet them at the door and have some refreshments ready for them. On particularly cold days, warm drinks and fresh baked goods can be quite welcoming and can make your home feel more cozy. Offer to show guests around and be ready to answer their questions. You may even consider asking for feedback so that you know just what buyers are looking for.

Follow up With Interested Buyers

In order to get contact information from your guests, consider having a sign in sheet at the door. Use this information to get in touch with them the day after your open house. You don’t have to send anything fancy, but a simple thank you can help spark a conversation. Don’t be afraid to call those who seem to have a serious interest in your property.

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