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Prepare Your Home for an Inspection

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Many home sellers don’t particularly look forward to a home inspection. If you’re dreading this part of the process, prepare in order to avoid an unwanted surprise.

How to Be Prepared for the Dreaded Home Inspection

If you’re trying to sell your home, you probably already know that a home inspection will be needed before closing. If you are aware of this, you are probably also dreading the inspection day. Many home sellers get nervous because they’re afraid something will be revealed that will make the buyer change their mind. In order to avoid these types of surprises, do your best to be as prepared as possible. These tips can help you feel more at ease during your home’s inspection.

Have Your Own Pre-Inspection

It’s never a bad idea to get your own home inspection before even putting your property on the market. This will let you know what condition your home is in and can also reveal any repairs you may need to take care of before trying to find a buyer. A professional home inspection will leave you with a full report of your home’s condition, making it easier to focus your efforts on the areas that really need the help.

Take Care of Necessary Repairs

Once you have the report from your own inspection, focus on giving attention to the areas in your home that need it. Some repairs may be small, but necessary. If they’re not too hard to take care of, you may be able to handle them yourself. Larger issues, such as plumbing problems, electrical damages, and foundation issues, may require the attention of a professional. This is why your pre-inspection is best taken care of before even putting your home on the market. Once these repairs are done, you will feel more at ease when it comes time to sell.

Upgrade Some Items

Repairs aren’t the only thing that will help your home be more attractive to buyers. In fact, small upgrades will also attract the right attention while helping your home look well maintained. Upgrading light fixtures, door handles, old flooring, and paint can all make a huge difference during a home inspection. Budget wisely and focus your attention on some of these projects once repairs are done.

Clean Your Home

Once you have an interested buyer and are preparing for the inspection day, make some time to deep clean your home. A clean home will send the right message, ensuring buyers that it has been well maintained and not neglected. While you’re cleaning, be sure that areas that will be inspected are easily accessible. Clear shrubs around your home, make sure doors to all areas in your home are unlocked, and ensure there is no clutter that will get in the inspectors way.

A home inspection can give buyers peace of mind and will ensure that their investment is worth every penny. Another way to ensure buyers feel at ease buying your property is by including title insurance in the final deal. To learn more about why this is so important, contact Home Key Title at (508) 475- 5502.

Be Ready to Greet the Inspector

On the day of the inspection, be ready to greet the inspector on time. Most inspectors will show up early and may even start inspecting outdoor areas before you even notice they’ve arrived. Don’t leave your cleaning to the last minute, and try to take care of all your preparations that day before.

Gather the Necessary Items

There are some items your inspector will need in order to perform the inspection efficiently. Gather items like keys to locked areas, insurance paperwork, and documents from repairs and maintenance. Having all of these in one spot will make going through everything much easier.

Get out of the House

The inspector is working for the buyer, not for you. This means that they don’t necessarily have to communicate their findings with you. If you’re already feeling stressed about the entire thing, it’s best that you’re not present during the inspection. The inspector will work more comfortably without you hovering over them and the buyer will feel more at ease asking questions. Make some plans outside of your home for at least three hours, since this is how long most inspections usually take.

Title Insurance in Northborough

After a successful home inspection, you and the buyer will feel more at ease, but there’s still more work to be done. Give the buyer more peace of mind by including a title insurance policy in the final paperwork. To learn more about title insurance in Northborough, contact Home Key Title at (508) 475- 5502.