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How to Improve Your Summer Curb Appeal

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Sell your home this summer faster by focusing on your curb appeal. Not sure where to start? Check out these tips!

Tips to Help You Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Your home’s exterior is what makes the first impression on potential buyers, and you wan to be sure it’s a good one. If potential buyers are impressed by the exterior, they will be more likely to want to check out the interior. To attract this type of attention, focus some of your time on improving your curb appeal. To help you get started, check out these tips from Home Key Title.

Take Care of Your Lawn

Before putting your home on the market, you want to be sure it looks great. An important area to focus your curb appeal efforts on is your lawn. Since most lawns cover is significant amount of space, they can either make your home look great or like it’s in serious need of some care. Ideally, your lawn should be green, full, and trim. After the past two seasons, it may not be looking its best. To get it back to its normal appearance start by focusing on getting your lawn green and full. Fill in any bald spots and work on reviving any dry patches you may come across. Once these things are taken care, it’s time to trim your lawn. Keep it at a tidy length and don’t forget to use an edger to keep the edges from taking over your walkways.

Focus on the the Walkways

After trimming the edges of your lawn you may notice that your walkways are looking a bit dull. This is often the result of a layer of grime and dirt that has been left behind by the previous seasons. If this is the case, you can easily and quickly remove all of this with a power washer. If you don’t own a power washer, don’t worry. You can rent or buy your own at just about any home improvement store. Once you get your hands on one, use it to get your walkways and driveway clean and shiny. It may be tempting to use the power washer to clean all the surfaces around your home, but avoid doing so. A power washer can cause serious damage to surfaces like your siding an your windows. Finally, fill in any cracks you may find in your driveway or walkways before they have a chance to grow. As you prepare to sell your home this summer, don’t forget about title insurance. Learn all about it and why it’s so important during a home transaction by contacting the title insurance experts at Home Key Title. Give them a call at (508) 475- 5502 to learn more.

Give the Roof a Renovation

Replacing the entire roof does require quite an investment, but it isn’t always necessary. If your roof has some spots that are looking worn or raged, focus on fixing these up. Instead of paying to redo the entire roof, replace broken, missing, or damaged shingles. These small fixes can make your roof look a lot better. Since your roof covers a huge space, this can have a positive impact on the overall look of your home.

Add Some Color

Add some pops of color to your home’s exterior in order to make it more appealing. If you have space for a garden, invest in some colorful and seasonal flowers to brighten up the yard. If you don’t have space for a garden, window boxes and potted plants are a great option. If you have a large enough porch, arrange your porch furniture in a cozy and welcoming fashion. Use some colorful accent pillows or throws to make it more vibrant. If your home looks like it could use a new coat of paint, go for it! If you’re on a budget, focus your painting efforts on the details, such as the trim and front door.

Make Your Home Visible

Make it easy for potential buyers to find your home by focusing on some crucial details. To start, make sure your home numbers are large enough to spot and that they are legible. If you have your home numbers painted on the curb, consider having these redone so that they are as clear as possible. Finally, consider investing in upgrading your porch lights. New hardware and new bulbs can make your lighting scheme more attractive all while making your home easier to spot after sundown.

Purchase Title Insurance in Northborough

Don’t put your home on the market before you’re ready. One crucial thing you should know about before selling your home is the importance of title insurance. If you’re not sure why you need title insurance, contact Home Key Title at (508) 475- 5502.