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Home Repairs That Shouldn’t Be Deal Breakers

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If you just got the home inspection report for a home you’re interested in purchasing, the following repairs are easy to work with.

These Home Repairs Shouldn’t Be Deal Breakers

If you’re in the market for a new home, you may be expecting to find the perfect home quickly, but this simply isn’t realistic. In fact, the majority of the homes you’ll find will be close to perfect but may be in need of an alteration or two. Don’t stress too much over this because this is to be expected. Some home fixes aren’t a big deal while others shouldn’t be ignored. Below are some common home fixes that you can work with in order to end up with the ideal home.


Mold isn’t a good thing, but it also isn’t the worst thing you can find in a home. When people see mold in a home, their general concerns have to do with the toxicity of the mold. Usually, it isn’t too much to worry about because most mold isn’t toxic at all. Where the mold is located and how much of it there are is are other factors to consider. A little mold in the shower is really no big deal and can be cleaned up quite easily. However, if mold is widespread and taking over a space then you will want to have a professional inspect this. A professional mold inspection will give you a clearer idea of how much trouble the mold will actually give you.


Finding bugs or critters in a home isn’t just bad for those who don’t like crawly creatures, they can actually affect the structure of a home if allowed to take over. If a home has been vacant for a while, expect at least a few bugs since the lack of human presence and movement will let them settle in quite comfortably. If there aren’t tons of bugs or if they haven’t been there for long, the structure of the home is probably completely unharmed. To get the peace of mind you want, you can get a qualified expert to check the foundation of your home for any serious concerns.

Lead Based Paint

Because of the dangers associated with lead based paint, it was outlawed in the late 1970s but this doesn’t mean you won’t run into it while looking for a home. There are still some homes with lead based paint because their paint jobs are quite old. In most cases, the home seller will disclose this information, but even if they don’t a home inspector should be able to alert you. If you love the home but the lead based paint is an issue, you can have it safely removed by a professional. Don’t close on a home until you’re sure you have title insurance to protect your investment! To learn all about the importance of title insurancecontact Home Key Title at (508) 475- 5502.

Cracks in the Cement

Small, hairline cracks are usually nothing to worry about, especially if they’re present on concrete basement floors and the like. These tiny cracks usually don’t have anything to do with the foundation and are easy enough to fill in. Even tiny cracks on the foundation may mean nothing at all when it comes to the structure of the home. If you’re concerned about any cracks in the cement or foundation, you can always have a contractor check them out for you just so you can be sure everything is fine.

Cosmetic Eye-Sores

Ugly tile floors or unflattering paint jobs may not make a home look amazing, but they certainly aren’t a good enough reason to pass on an otherwise perfect home. These eye-sores may be off-putting, but they also don’t tend to be the hardest to fix or the most expensive upgrades. If the eye-sores are really that bad, you can even use them to negotiate the price of the home with the seller.

Dry Rot

Dry rot and fungus on the home’s exterior may seem like huge issues you just can’t look past, but they’re not always worth turning down a home. In fact, if these issues are isolated to single area on the siding, they won’t be hard to clean up. If the problem is widespread or if it has affected a large portion of the siding, then it’s worth really analyzing the problem with the help of a professional.

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