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Make Packing Less of a Hassle

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Once you’ve bought a house, you still have to worry about the process of moving. One aspect of this is packing. While it can get stressful and overwhelming, these simple packing tips can help.

How to Pack for Your Move

After purchasing your dream home, you’re likely in a celebratory mood. After celebrating a bit, there’s still more work to take care of. One thing that should be on your to-do list is packing and moving. Packing can turn into a serious headache because of the size of the task. If you’re not looking forward to it, these tips can make it much easier.

Start With a Plan

Before throwing random items into boxes, it can help to get organized and create a plan. With a packing plan, you can get the work done more efficiently and avoid the stress that comes with just winging it. Before putting anything into a box, create a plan for each room in your home. Your plan should consider that there are items in your home that you use more often than others. Start by packing the items you use least often first so that you aren’t left digging through your boxes looking for your toothbrush or another similar item.

Start Packing Early

There’s no rule that says you have to do all of the packing at once. In your packing plan, you should plan what you will be packing on the days leading up to your move. If you’re still working or have a full schedule on the days before your move, tackle packing a little at a time. It may not feel like much, but these little bits of packing will add up and lead to progress. If possible, clear your weekend plans so that you can dedicate those days to doing some serious packing. Doing a little at a time can help you get rid of some stress and make you feel more at ease about the whole move.

Use Different Size Boxes

If you don’t want to waste money on boxes, getting boxes for your move can seem a bit difficult. You can ask friends, family, and local stores to donate boxes to your cause, but do make sure these are the right sizes. You also want to be sure the boxes are in good enough state so that they can successfully make it through the move. Larger boxes should be used for lighter items so that they don’t get too heavy and smaller boxes should be used to pack the heavier items. After getting boxes, don’t forget the rest of your packing items like packing peanuts, tape, and bubble wrap. If you’re working on purchasing a new home, don’t forget to also purchase title insurance in Northborough at closing. To learn more about why title insurance is so important, contact the title insurance experts at Home Key Title. Give them a call at (508) 475- 5502 to learn more.

Organize By Room

When you make your packing plan, be sure to do this by room. This will keep your packing more organized and will ensure you don’t miss anything. Take it even further by packing items together that make sense within the same room. For example, pack your bedding together in the same boxes and keep this separate from other items in your bedroom. When it comes time to unpack and organize your new home, this will make it all easier and more efficient.

Keep Your Boxes Organized

One of the most annoying things about moving is having a pile of boxes in your home and not knowing where they go. To avoid this sort of mess, label your boxes as you pack them. Start by labeling them by the room they go in so that each box ends up in the right space. After that, take your labeling to the next level by writing down what each box includes on the outside of it so you know exactly where everything is. Finally, number your boxes so that you’re sure you’re not missing anything.

Don’t Overpack Boxes

One of the most tempting things you’ll want to do is pack each box until it’s full. While this may be fine with light items, it’s not always a good idea. Overpacking boxes may help you take advantage of all the space, but it can also lead to boxes that are too heavy to move. Instead of packing a box until it’s full, check that it’s still light enough to move so you don’t end up struggling on your moving day.

Purchase Title Insurance in Northborough

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