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How to Get Your Summer Curb Appeal Right

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2020 | Firm News |

If you’re planning to sell your home this summer, your curb appeal can make a huge difference. Luckily, there are plenty of easy ways to make your home more appealing. To get it right, use these tips.

5 Easy Summer Curb Appeal Tips

Selling your home is no easy feat, but taking certain steps can certainly make it easier. If selling your home is in your summer to-do list, then working on your curb appeal should also be included in that list. Your curb appeal can make all the difference when a potential buyer sees your home, so it’s important that you present your home at its best. To do this, check out these easy curb appeal tips.

Clean up the Exteriors

The first step to getting your home looking its best is to simply clean it up. This may sound simple, but giving your home’s exterior a thorough cleaning can really make a huge difference in its appearance. Since you see it daily, you may be used to dirt and debris it’s collected over the past seasons, but once you scrub down the siding, clean the windows, and sweep the porch and walkways, you’ll be looking at a shinier, more appealing home. In some cases, you may think you need a new paint job, but simply washing the siding may be enough to reveal a great paint job that just needed some help.

Give It an Inspection

After cleaning your home, give it a thorough inspection from the perspective of a potential buyer. You may have gotten used to things like a chip in the paint, a few rust stains here or there, a couple of cracks, and other similar, small details that don’t seem all that important. However, when a potential buyer shows up, these things can jump out at them and even give them the idea that you haven’t kept up with your home maintenance. To prevent this sort of situation, take note of all these small details during your inspection, and make time to fix them. Once you’ve taken care of all of this, you’ll feel more secure when potential buyers show up to look at your home.

Focus on the Lawn

One of the first things that will attract the attention of potential buyers when they arrive for a home visit is your lawn. Since a lawn takes up a significant amount of most yards, it’s important that yours is in top shape. A nice, lush lawn will look impressive and will give the buyers the impression that it’s easy to maintain. If your lawn is patchy, brown, and unkempt, it won’t look impressive at all and can actually drag down the entire look of the exterior. Buyers will also worry about how much work it’ll take to revive the lawn if they decide to buy. Do your best to keep your lawn looking healthy and don’t forget about the garden. Some nice flowers or herbs will be a great addition and make your home look more lively. Whether you’re buying or selling a home, don’t forget about the importance of title insurance in Northborough at closing. To learn more about title insurance, contact the title insurance experts at Home Key Title. Give them a call at (508) 475- 5502 to learn more.

Take Care of the Facade

After the lawn, buyers will look at the facade of your home. A thorough cleaning will help it stand out, but sometimes a little more work will be required. Your home’s siding may be looking cleaner after a scrub, but if you notice peeling paint anywhere, get this fixed. If your paint job isn’t that old, you may just want to refresh it by adding a new coat of paint to details like the trim or the house numbers. Don’t forget about the garage! Scrub down the garage door as well or consider replacing it if it’s quite old and dated.

Get the Walkways Looking Like New

Finally, your home’s walkways may have more of an impact on your home’s overall appearance than you think. Powerwash these and the driveway to remove all the built-up grime left behind by the spring and the winter. If there are any cracks in these, you’ll want to fill them before they get worse. Start by cutting out any weeds growing out of these cracks and then fill the space with some cement.

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