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Do These Things After Closing on a New Home

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2021 | Firm News |

Congratulations on buying a new home! After celebrating, it’s time to get down to business. Get your home ready for move-in without getting stressed with these useful tips from Home Key Title in Westborough.

What to Do After You Purchase a Home

After buying a home, you may be excited to move right in. Before you do that, there are still some things that need to be completed. To get your home and yourself ready for the next steps, check out these helpful tips.

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Keep Your Documents in a Safe Place

After purchasing a home, it’s important that you store the closing papers in a safe place. You will be signing important documents at the closing to make the transfer of the deed official as well as the mortgage loan. These and any other important documents will need to be filed away someplace safe in case you need to reference them later on. Before you lose them, put them in a safe place in your current home. You may want to stick them in a fireproof and waterproof safe where you know they won’t get damaged. You can also keep them at your bank in a safe deposit box. Before you put the originals away somewhere safe, make a copy of them that you can keep on hand. You can also scan them and store them in the cloud for easy access.

Change the Old Locks

Before moving into your home, it’s a great idea to get the locks changed. The previous homeowner will be required to hand over all of their keys, but it’s possible that they don’t remember how many keys they gave out to friends or family. If someone out there has keys to your home, this can be dangerous. For your own peace of mind and safety, it’s best to get all of the locks changed before you move in. This won’t cost you too much and it’ll make this move less stressful.

Clean out the Home

Ideally, the previous tenants would leave the home spotless, but this isn’t always the case. Be sure to take some time to go to the home and do some deep cleaning. If the home has been empty for some time, you will also need to watch out for rodents and plenty of dust. Although you may not be excited to clean your home before moving in, you’ll feel much better about it on your move-in day. Your home will be ready for you so that you don’t have to spend time cleaning when you’re meant to be making yourself at home. If the home is very dirty, consider hiring professional cleaners to lighten your load.

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Identify What Needs Maintenance

Before buying the home, it’s likely that you were alerted to some areas that need repair or maintenance. Before moving in, be sure to take care of these areas. You may want to fumigate, paint, redo the flooring, or even replace old windows. If necessary, replace older appliances and test smoke alarms to ensure they still work.

Don’t Forget to Update Your Address

No one likes doing this, but updating your address is a must. Start by filling out a change of address form at the post office so you don’t miss any important mail. It’s also super important that you update your address on your driver’s license, bank accounts, credit accounts, and insurance policies. Don’t forget about subscriptions, like newspapers and subscription boxes. You should also alert your workplace, family, friends, and your doctors.

Transfer Your Utilities

Finally, you will also need to schedule the transfer of your utilities before moving. This will ensure you don’t experience an interruption in necessary services. Some important utilities to transfer include your water, gas, and electricity. Others that should also be transferred include your WiFi, cable, and phone. This will make your move much easier and much less frustrating.

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