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Repair Your Pool and Extend Its Useful Life

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Owning a pool comes with its own set of challenges, especially during the summertime. This post by Home Key Title in Shrewsbury delves into a couple of suggestions that owners can make to make the most out of their pools.

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For many people, summer is the most anticipated time of the year. With it comes the high temperatures that sometimes become difficult to bear without the occasional dip to cool off. For those who shy away from salt and sand, when going to the beach is still not feasible, or when the little ones in the house want to have fun in the water after months of waiting, bathing in the pools becomes one of the star moments of the year. But, sometimes, the wait is even longer due to the appearance of water leaks and the deterioration of the pool’s materials, which can occur if the quality of its construction is not good. It’s necessary to ensure the pool’s water tightness to prevent this. This also prevents unnecessary water losses, increments in the bill, the constant worries about the state of maintenance, and incurring expenses for their repair. To obtain in return pools that last longer while enjoying safe and quality baths.

How to Get a Water-Tightness

Special attention must be paid to its tightness when building a pool: the main characteristic that the pool should have. Having the excellent condition of the pool ensured for several years and the quality of the bath for those who use it. However, it must be taken into account that not all concrete vessels guarantee adequate sealing and that, for this reason, this material needs to be reinforced with a waterproofing system that prevents water leaks and future deterioration of the concrete and its reinforcements. Furthermore, although the basin is made of waterproof and watertight concrete, the pool isn’t completely exempt from having to bear loads due to the hydrostatic pressure of the water, nor from movements that can generate cracks and jeopardize its tightness. Consequently, in cases where the glass has these characteristics, it’s recommended to apply an additional waterproofing system, which also comes in handy in the face of the appearance of efflorescence in the joint pattern of the ceramic coating that occurs in the absence of waterproofing.

Time to Waterproof the Pool

It’s essential to use quality materials suitable for the desired result if you want to achieve good results when waterproofing the pool. To waterproof concrete pool vessels, you must opt for materials that allow the direct placement of the coatings on the waterproofing layer. These should always be applied inside the construction to create a completely closed bucket that must be carried above the highest water level. In this way, the supports and all the installations behind the coatings will be kept dry. In this sense, the use of waterproofing sheets stands out. For instance, flexible polyethylene sheets with a special geotextile incorporated on both sides allow them to be placed directly on most supports. Also, cementitious adhesives allow the direct placement of ceramic and other coatings on the waterproofing.

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Proceed with Caution

On the other hand, special care must be taken when waterproofing critical points. These are the deliveries between sheet and sheet or the encounters and corners between floor and wall. It’s recommended to use waterproof strips, which must be placed with waterproof adhesives to prevent liquid seepage in these areas. You must be careful with skimmers and spotlights or the passage of nozzles and pipes. However, waterproofing is simple, using waterproof prefabricated bands, corners, or sleeves that can be adhered to any support with special adhesives.

Last but Not Least

The safe evacuation of water in gutters, showers, and pool beaches must be prioritized. Something that can be achieved with sumps, especially when these are prepared to facilitate the connection of their waterproofing to the drains. Good waterproofing and water tightness of the pool guarantee its most extended useful life. In the end, your enjoyment depends on this time of the calendar. And this must be taken into account when carrying out any installation or repair.

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