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3 documents that can make or break your home sale

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2023 | Residential Real Estate |

Selling your home is a bittersweet procedure filled with paperwork that often feels both endless and critical. It’s exciting to embark on a new journey, but it also has its hurdles. One key hindrance to be particularly mindful of is the potential slowdown caused by certain essential documents.

If not prepared early, these documents could complicate your home sale process.

Key documents to prepare as soon as possible

Whether you’re selling an old home that has been in your family for years or a more recently purchased property, certain scenarios might prolong the sale process. Here’s how certain unprepared documents can hamper your home sale process:

  1. Title deed: Like in other states, Massachusetts law considers the title deed crucial evidence of property ownership. So, resolving any discrepancies on the deed, such as liens or encumbrances, is important before initiating the sale. Unresolved issues or a missing deed that requires replacement could potentially delay the sale.
  2. Property disclosures: Massachusetts law operates on a “buyer beware” principle in some situations. This makes the buyer responsible for asking crucial questions and conducting thorough inspections of the property. However, sellers should not underestimate the importance of full disclosure. If you fail to disclose known material defects, it can cause delays, lead to legal troubles and potentially jeopardize the sale.
  3. Homeowners association (HOA) documents: Sellers of properties within an HOA must provide the buyer with key documents. It’s not just about providing these documents but also about resolving outstanding issues, such as unpaid fees, to prevent potential sale delays.

Staging your home for prospective buyers and setting the right market price are important steps in selling a house. However, understanding the documents required to ensure a smooth process is equally crucial. Handling these documents early can facilitate a quicker transition from homeowner to seller, allowing you the freedom to sell your home and reap the profits.