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Deodorizing Your Home

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We previously talked to you about some of the most common home selling mistakes, and removing lingering odors is a crucial part of depersonalizing your property. Remember that a neutral home should be your objective during the process, as it allows buyers picture their life in their future house. For this reason at Home Key Title Closing in Westborough, we would like to share a few ideas to achieve this goal.


Your kitchen is a hot spot for smells due to all the activities you carry out in this area. Removing pungent food odors is relatively easy, just simmer orange peels in water after cooking onion, fish or curry.

Remember that baking soda is very effective to absorb odors, so be sure to place an open box of this chemical compound in your refrigerator. Baking a fresh batch of brownies and cookies will also remove any odors in your home, just remember to do it after your cleaning duties.

Living Room

Wash and wax your wooden floors. If you have carpeting, consider hiring a professional for a thorough clean. Remember that air fresheners are ineffective, as they only mask odors, you should always identify and remove the source. If you have companion animals, use activated charcoal to remove their smells.


If there’s an unpleasant odor coming from your sink, you can pour a kettle of boiling water into it. Also, look for leaks in your toilet, sink and shower, as moisture sets the right condition for mold growth. Keep the area ventilated and wash your tiles with soap and water at least once a week.

Getting rid of lingering odors is relatively simple and you should include these tasks during your cleaning routine. Remember that receiving several offers and a great price has to do with the time and effort you invest.

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