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Transferring Property Titles Successfully

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If you want to change the owner’s name on a property’s deed (after selling it or buying it, for example), you’ll need to transfer the titles, so that the transaction is registered legally. If you’d like a bit of guidance through this process, you can follow the steps mentioned below to transfer the titles successfully.

How to Perform a Property Titles Transfer

  1. Run a title search (and acquire title insurance in Westborough) to ensure that the property’s records are in order, and that there aren’t any encumbrances that could put its ownership in jeopardy.
  2. It’s a good idea to have some legal aid, such as a real estate lawyer, by your side so they can guide you through the procedures that you need to abide with to make the transfer legal.
  3. The next step is to write the new deed. You can use templates online to guide you, or ask your lawyer to do it for you. In it you need to determine the kind of deed it is (quitclaim, warranty, etc.), as well as specify the estate’s address and the names of those involved.
  4. Before you make this process final, bring the new deed to the beneficiary to make sure that you both are in agreement. Use this time to clear up any doubts regarding the property and its transfer.
  5. The final steps to make this transfer legal are pretty simple. You both will have to sign the new deed to state that you’re both aware of it and accept it. Lastly, you just need to go to the courthouse and have it registered.

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